TOPO Great Room Restaurant & Private Event Business Card

TOPO Great Room Restaurant & Private Event Business Card

Molly Drake designed these business cards for The Great Room at Top of the Hill, a multifaceted hospitality brand in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The Great Room is a restaurant, microbrewery, private event space and microdistillery.

Molly said, “The Great Room was originally an industrial warehouse which has since been converted into Top of the Hill’s private event space, leaving the exposed brick walls intact.”

“These cards pay homage to the brick walls of the Great Room; other business cards at Top of the Hill allude to the other facets of the business, like using a brushed copper texture for the brewmaster’s card (to represent the copper mash tun).”

These business cards were printed by Vistaprint on smooth matte cardstock with a medium weight.

The black and white colours created a nice contrast for the front and back of the card whereas the rounded corners added a little bit more visual interest to the overall design!


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Designed by Molly Drake

Printed by Vistaprint

For TOPO Great Room

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