Elysian Bar business card

The Elysian Bar Business Card

Alizée Freudenthal designed these business cards for The Elysian Bar, Hotel Peter and Paul’s restaurant and bar in New Orleans. It is also elected as one of America’s best new restaurants by Bon Appetit.

The illustrations are clearly the main attractions for this visual identity and they can be found on both sides of the business card. Speaking of the inspirations behind them, Alizée shared, “In classical mythology, the Elysian Fields was paradise, the abode of the blessed after death. This direction wants to picture the ‘feeling of bliss’, a serene moment of peace and beauty with a romantic ingenuous touch. Visually the illustration borrows a naive style from the French artists of the 20th century.”

Elysian Bar stationery
“The font for the logotype is custom, hand-written. The primary font (serif), Sang Bleu Empire is used to contrast the loose/naive nature of the logo and bring a high end layer,” she added.

These business cards were offset-printed on duplexed 80 lb Cover Mohawk Ivory Vellum.

Elysian Bar business cardElysian Bar postcard

Designed by Alizée Freudenthal

Case Study Photography by Marion Kotlarski

For The Elysian Bar

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