Leonardo Glória Lawyer Business Card

Leonardo Glória business card

Pedro Lopes designed these business cards for Leonardo Glória, a lawyer who is specializing in criminal law. Pedro developed the brand identity for Leonardo Glória, who was intended to expand his office in order to reach more clients and has…

The Bravery Station Podcast Business Card

The Bravery Station business cards

Fritz Schnitzer designed these business cards for The Bravery Station, a podcast program by Fritz that empowers people to express themselves authentically, especially in discovering bravery in oneself. “Three years ago, I left Germany because I was very unhappy with…

Legal Recourse Law Firm Business Card

Legal Recourse Business Card

Ben Kokólas made these business cards as part of a larger branding project for a legal firm named Legal Recourse. Ben designed the company’s logo using the sword in shield concept in order to communicate protection as well as legal retaliation.…