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Matsu Architecture Business Card

Matsu business cards

Mayuko Kanazawa designed these business cards for Matsu, a first-class architectural office based in Japan. What we love about this architectural business card design is its simple yet unique layout. When folded, what originally seems to be an uneven card,…

Bendita Food Business Card

Bendita business card

Jaqueline Zanini designed these business cards for Bendita Food, a nutritious lunch box brand. “The brand Bendita Food was inspired from a nutritional re-education that the founder of the brand was receiving due to health reasons,” Jaqueline said. “With the…

Cohesif Consulting Business Card

Cohesif Consulting Business Card

Andrew Diete-koki designed these business cards for Cohesif, a consulting firm that offers information products to small business owners. Speaking of the client’s business nature, Andrew said, “Cohesif’s business will intersect brands, intellectual property and innovation.” “They will empower and…