Santila Estudio business cards

Santila Creative Studio Business Card

Laís Santiago designed these business cards for Santila Estúdio, her creative studio based in Goiânia (Goiás, Brazil) that transits between expressiveness and functionality.

Santila Estúdio studio’s focus is to realize strategic and design projects, as well as artistic projects such as collages, illustrations, brand projects and graphic designs.

“We believe in the transformative power of collaboration, always seeking the expertise of other professionals to aggregate quality and speciality to the outcome of our clients,” said Laís, the Director and Designer of Santila Estúdio.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Santila logo

According to Laís, all the aspects of the brand design were based on authenticity, inspirational and cheerfulness/joyfulness. These main values are associated to the studio’s expertise, which inspired the illustrations, colours and animation used in the brand identity.

“The symbol was represented by two cycles: the ouroboros (cycle of life) and the impossible circle composed as chains. This duality concept was also expressed for the visual universe of Santila, planned as a solution to the challenges faced when communicating with different audiences,” she said.

Typography & Colour Palette

Santila Estudio pins2Santila Estudio colours

The main logotype is a lettering, redesigned from Lais’ illustration signature and an Urby typeface was chosen as the brand’s typography. As for the colours, they were defined according to Lais’ illustration chromatic palette, already widely used in her projects.

“Two main colours were selected to represent the mystical aspect of the brand, which was defined by the brand personality. In addition, the illustrations were designed by me following the same mystical aspect.”

These business cards have not been printed yet. Speaking of the possible printing outcome, Laís said, “They would be printed on Opaline paper 240g without finishes.”

Santila Estudio business cardsSantila Estudio stationery2Santila Estudio stationerySantila Estudio bag and mugSantila Estudio brandingSantila Estudio pinsSantila Estudio mobile

Designed by Laís Santiago at Santila Estúdio

For Santila Estúdio

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