Pulis vegan business cards

Pulis Vegan Food Business Card

Lorena Brunstein designed these business cards for Pulis, a family business that sells veggies, homemade and frozen food based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pulis offers vegan and gluten-free versions of their products so that more people have easy access to healthy and delicious food that they can keep in their freezer.

According to Lorena, the business card is designed to express a lively and friendly image. It proposes a gestural and organic aesthetic which connects the user to family, handmade and manual.

Pulis’s closeness and sense of humour help create a sense of community among its users. It makes them feel like they belong.

Pulis vegan brand logo


Logo Design and Typography

The wordmark was designed based on simplicity. It serves as a visual cue, and it’s full of meaning.

“I wanted to give Pulis’ branding an organic and manual approach, inspired by gestures,” Lorena explained.

“For that, I used the script named Black Pen Regular to respond to its visual universe.”

To add movement and dynamicity to the compositions, the collateral pieces use Freight Display Pro Regular and Freight Display Book Italic, two different typefaces.

And finally, the Neue Haas Grotesk Display 55 Roman font is able to convey gestures and a welcoming tone that matches with Pulis’ values.

Pulis vegan brand_1


A Variety of Colours & Business Card Printing

The business card design features a warm and varied colour scheme.

“The colours are lively and stunning, which gives us a large quantity of colours for every product and flavour.”

For the company’s launch, these business cards were printed digitally in a small quantity.

“The paper in the mockup is matte laminated. There were business cards made in every colour of the brand,” Lorena said.

Overall, this is a playful and modern business card design with an impressive colour combo!


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Designed by Lorena Brunstein

For Pulis

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