Pujith Marodia playing card business card

Pujith Marodia Interface Designer Business Card

Pujith Marodia designed these business cards for his self-branding as an aspiring interface designer.

Pujith’s visual identity was in the form of a playing card design. According to him,

“I was working on my personal brand and something that represented me as a person really well was a good mix of professional and fun. So, this design worked out really well in achieving that.”

When it comes to his design inspiration, Pujith said, “My design was inspired by Jack Royle as he did something similar with a playing card style business card.”

“I decided to make a personal avatar to replace the card’s avatar, and my monogram to replace the numbers on the card.”

“On the back side of the card, since I’m a UI / UX designer I decided to design it in the form of wireframes of an interface which hold important details like contact information, website etc.”

Also, it’s a great idea to add colours to the avatar, making the cards stand out from competitors.

Overall, it’s a clean, refreshing design that will make a good first impression!


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Designed by Pujith Marodia

For Pujith Marodia personal-branding

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