Park Coffee&Bagel business card

Park Coffee&Bagel Business Card

Sitoh inc. designed these business cards for Park Coffee&Bagel, a bagel and sandwich takeaway specialty shop located in Fukui, Japan.

The unique shape of Park Coffee&Bagel is truly eye-catching. It has the shape of a bagel, which is perfect for the brand’s main product – handmade bagels – to shine through instantly!

Park Coffee&Bagel is run by Campanela, a corporation that operates Mountain Sunday, The Gate, and other businesses. It uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure good taste and safe consumption.

Sitoh inc. has been in charge of all visual design and art direction of the brand identity, including stationery and product packaging.


The Naming and Brand Image

The name “Park Coffee&Bagel” clearly tells people about the brand’s core offerings.

As for the word “Park,” it refers to the venue where people can enjoy the bagels while having a fun picnic.

“The business card is designed to present the brand image of the joy of family picnics having healthy bagels that kids can eat safely and the persistence of local ingredients,” said Johnny, the graphic designer of Sitoh inc.

Park Coffee&Bagel logotype


Icon and Unique Card Shape

The designers at Sitoh inc. were going for an original and fresh look for their client.

Eventually, this led them to a delicious creativity: a dot icon that extends the initial letter “P” to resemble a bagel in the design.

“The dot next to the initial P (icon) and the business card shape were both inspired by bagels,” Johnny confirmed.

“The dot also serves as a full stop mark for an acronym that was derived from Park Coffee&Bagel – from ‘Park.’ to ‘P.’.”

“Even the letter ‘P’ is also inflated like a park field!”


Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface used for the logotype is called Rza, a welcoming serif font.

“The reason we chose Rza is that the font has a soft and gentle impression similar to the image of bagels,” Johnny explained.

“And also, the elegant details were compatible with the brand’s tone and friendliness.”

Park Coffee&Bagel business card

Another playful element is the unique text layout on the back side, which is no doubt visually appealing to the card receiver.

When asked about the inspiration behind them, Johnny replied, “The name Park is set horizontally, but Coffee&Bagle is laid out with a curved path to present the softness of bagels or the scene of kids running around in a park.”

The brand’s colours consist of brown, green and white. Johnny pointed out that the colour green stands for park or lawn.

“It also reminiscent of enjoying bagels on a picnic,” he added.

“As for brown and white, they both stand for bagels and healthy or secure feelings, respectively.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on Takeo’s Snoble FS, an eco-friendly paper stock that has a smooth texture and feels light to the touch.

The cards were printed in a brown metallic spot colour with the logotype embossed, giving it a distinct and classy look!

Not to mention, by adding a QR code directing customers to the brand’s Instagram page, customers can get more information—and perhaps a more delicious menu from their social media page!


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Designed by Sitoh inc.

For Park Coffee&Bagel

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