Nine Spoons Soup Artisan Soup Business Card

Nine Spoons Soup Artisan Soup Business Card

Fizz Creative designed these business cards for Nine Spoons Soup, a handcrafted artisan soup inspired by family tradition based in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Our design was inspired by the client’s Italian heritage and the lovely décor found on antique spoon handles,” said Katie, co-founder of Fizz Creative.

“We wanted to create a card that showed our client’s attention to detail and love for the handcrafted.”

“The blind emboss letterpress card shape was inspired by decorative ceiling tiles with the decor of spoon handles.”

“Italian architecture is full of lovely details so we wanted those to be found within the design as well.”

These business cards were printed by Cranky Pressman. Fizz Creative worked with Cranky Pressman in Salem Ohio to create this elegant card design.

“They really did an amazing job of figuring out how to do a deboss on one side of the card and an emboss on the other.”

“We wanted to give the sense that the card was punched out, much like a ceiling tile.”

“We used a thick cotton stock that is made especially for letterpress to really hold the impression.”

“The care and level of detail found in this card is as much a testament to Cranky Pressman as it is to us.”

“They put a lot of time and detail into making these cards perfect,” Katie complimented.


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Designed by Fizz Creative

Printed by Cranky Pressman

For Nine Spoons Soup

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