Mosaïque Hostel Business Card

Celia Grandhomme designed these business cards for Mosaïque Hostel, a hostel located in a multicultural suburb of Lyon in France.

“Mosaïque Hostel is a joyful place that welcomes travelers and local life through its coffee shop, and hosts a large variety of events,” Celia said.

The business card design is super catchy, both front and back. The thick outline puts a nice focus on the contact details, while the logotype is already an eye-catcher itself! As for the back design, the geometric patterns are spectacularly designed and best of all, they come in variants with striking colours!

Mosaïque Hostel typography
“The identity developed evokes a patchwork inspired by mosaics from all around the world. Different typefaces and patterns were created to represent cultural diversity and its synergy, as if each traveler brought a mosaic tile from his home place to create a collective narration,” Celia explained.

Overall, it’s a fun and creative way to express a brand’s idea of diversity and its friendliness towards all travelers!

Mosaïque Hostel2Mosaïque Hostel stationery2

Designed by Celia Grandhomme

For Mosaïque Hostel

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