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MOOD Coffee & Tea Business Card

Tree Creative designed these business cards for Mood Coffee & Tea, a beverage brand established in August 2020.

MOOD offers its clientele not only quality from a rich menu of nature-based and healthy drinks, but also delighted and interesting experiences from the decorative style, which is also inspired by nature, plants, and flowers with creative, unique, and friendly patterns.

Brand Image

Just like the word’s original meaning, MOOD involves emotions, such as happiness, sadness, love, excitement, etc.

“Through the brand image, MOOD wishes that each visitor, though coming with whatever emotional state, will be recharged with positive energy, experience the joyful gamut of emotions, and immerse themselves in the colourful, fresh, and relaxing space,” said the graphic designer at Tree Creative.

“The decorative motifs at MOOD, which are created by a lot of funny shapes, together with the taste of drinks from nature, will also help them be filled with sublime emotions.”

Mood coffee tea_drinksMood coffee tea_icons

Logo Design

MOOD’s logo was inspired by the image of the eyes – the window to the soul – where emotions are closely reflected.

“The leaves above represent the eyebrows, where a human’s expressions are shown, such as happiness, sadness, joyfulness, etc.”

“The logo is built up of images that are familiar and close to everyone, associated with ordinary emotions in daily life. This is because MOOD always strives to become a close and familiar element, bringing customers a great experience from the taste of nature.”

Mood coffee tea_logo

Typography & Patterns

The main typeface used for the visual identity is Montserrat.

“Montserrat is used because of its bold lines and simple texture that express a solid, healthy, dynamic and youthful feel. This typeface also associates the brand with prestige, closeness, and is easy to remember,” the designer explained.

The patterns are made up of emotions and the natural origin of the products. They are created from the most familiar images such as leaves, sunflowers, oranges, etc.

“The pattern design increases the sense of familiarity, helping customers immerse themselves in the fresh, joyful and comfortable space to fully enjoy each unique taste at MOOD.”

Mood coffee tea_business card2Mood pattern design

Colour Scheme

MOOD’s colour palette consists of two main colours: dark blue and yellow, which are the colours of freshness. Inspired by nature, the products bring a sense of freshness and coolness that makes people feel good and relaxed.

“Dark blue represents peace and tranquillity. A person may feel a sense of relaxation when being immersed in this colour space. Moreover, blue also symbolises trust, the prestige of the brand, as well as the quality of products at MOOD.”

“Meanwhile, yellow is the colour of gentle sunshine. It brings freshness, joy, and the feeling of optimism that MOOD wishes to bring to all of its customers.”

Tree Creative letterpress printed these duplexed business cards in house on regular coloured card stock.

Mood coffee tea_business cards2Mood coffee tea_brandingMood coffee tea_packagingMood coffee tea_posters2Mood coffee tea_t-shirts Mood coffee tea_2 Mood coffee tea vouchersMood coffee tea_2Mood coffee & tea Mood coffee tea posters2 Mood coffee tea posters

Designed & Printed by Tree Creative

For MOOD Coffee & Tea

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