Floristería Mimendez business cards

Mimendez Florist Business Card

Alvarogdesign designed these business cards for Floristería Mimendez, a small flower shop located in Santander, Spain.

Floristería Mimendez’s goal is to provide the largest selection of natural and artificial plants and flowers to all homes and events.

The business owner approached Alvaro Garcia, the founder of Alvarogdesign, for the rebranding of her florist business.

“The client wanted something different that would set her brand apart from the rest. She let me have complete creative control and different design options presented to her,” Alvaro said.

Florist Mimendez stationery branding


Logo Design & Floral Illustration

The business card design looks lovely, with green being the main colour overall. The floral illustrations are delicate and lovely as well.

According to Alvaro, the logo design took inspiration from the old aesthetic engravings.

“I wanted to express two important brand values in the logo design – beauty and subtlety.”

“As a result, as a key pillar of our design, we created an isotype based on different plants with an elegant and fun touch to create different brand elements.”

Floristería Mimendez business card


Elegant Typography & Green Tones

The typeface used for the logotype is Recoleta, a serif font that has a classic style and gives the brand elegance.

“The lower-case letters humanize the text, creating a more personal connection between the business and the customer,” Alvaro explained.

“The colour palette we used were different tones of green and white to create an important contrast between the elements.”

“The client also expressed interest in incorporating the colour green within her brand. As a result, it’s pleasing to the eye, and is easily associated with a florist.”

Florist Mimendez stationery


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Onlineprinters.

“We chose an ivory-coloured textured laid paper, printed on both sides, playing with the contrasts between white and green,” Alvaro said.


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Designed by Alvarogdesign

Printed by Onlineprinters

For Floristería Mimendez

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