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Maya Skin Care Business Card

Evgenya Koliverda designed these business cards for Maya, a Ukrainian skin care brand that uses natural ingredients.

The brand name, Maya, was derived from the founder’s name. The brand produces a variety of face and body care products, such as creams, lotions, masks, scrubs, serums, and so on.

The business card design is minimalist, yet effective in portraying the brand’s image: femininity, tenderness and love. In other words, these are the ideas that the brand wants its visual identity to evoke in the minds of its target audience.

Maya logo2

“The logo conveys a sense of flying tenderness, elegance and tranquility. Everything revolves around keeping things as simple and clean as possible,” Evgenya said.

“The refined lines in the logotype give an image of femininity and elegance, like a ballerina’s hand swaying gracefully in a dance.”

Cinzel Decorative is the primary typeface used in the logotype, while M Plus 1p is the secondary typeface used for the brand’s description.

“Again, the colour scheme is very gentle and relaxed, allowing the eye to rest and enjoy the aesthetics, lightness and emphasis on the brand’s environmental friendliness.”

The client will handle the printing of her business cards. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Evgenya replied, “The cards should be printed on thick paper so that customers can feel and see the texture of the paper. This will convey the environmental friendliness of the brand as well.”


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Designed by Evgenya Koliverda

For Maya

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