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Mauro’s Interiors Home Remodeling Business Card

Julia Masalska designed these business cards for Mauro’s Interiors, a traditional family business focused on home remodeling – including kitchens, cabinets, closets and blinds – with its core values set in stone by the family father. It is based in Miami, South Florida.

Mauro’s Interiors was founded in 2009. In 2020, the business has been passed along to the oldest son and therefore, a rebranding is needed to redefine the brand and its target audience.

Mauro's Interiors businesscard


Logo Design & Inspiration

The business card design is a minimal yet classy one! With its modern and elegant approach, refined shapes and extraordinary colours, Mauro’s Interiors’ visual identity aims to stand out from other construction businesses and target an upscale audience.

“The brand icon is inspired by a laser measuring device used when building a kitchen or a closet with precision. This laser points in the 90 degree as well as in the 45 degree angles. Those angles are very common in the kitchen and closet design space,” Julia explained.

Mauro's Interiors logo and shapes


Typography & Colour Palette

According to Julia, the typography is actually inspired by modern classic designs.

“The contrast between a sans serif (Reason New) and a very classy minimalistic serif font (IvyMode) spices up the design and at the same time makes it well legible in small setups. IvyMode is being used in Italic and Regular to build contrast and to highlight specific words.”

Apart from that, the colour palette also gives the brand a modern feel. The carefully-selected colours moves away from traditional bold and bright construction brands to a rather unique, elegant, and precision-driven identity.

Mauro's Interiors colours


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Uprinting, a printing company in the United States.

“In order to give the card its high-end feel and an exciting haptic experience, we advised the client to go for a spot gloss varnish over the logo and the name on the back side. Even the brand icon is visually highlighted with a spot gloss treatment.”

“The cards were printed on matte uncoated paper to add to the contrast of the glossy spot UV,” Julia added.

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Designed by Julia Masalska

Printed by Uprinting

For Mauro’s Interiors

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