Marla Hair Salon business cards

Marla Hair Salon Business Card

Diana Jasso designed these business cards for Marla, a modern family hair salon in London and Berlin that provides expert hairstyling services to trendy, young families.

The idea of the business card is to present a chic and artistic vibe in connection with the hair salon business while being memorable at the same time.

Keeping it natural and welcoming, yet stylish enough to get people interested.


Elegant Brand Image

“The goal is to design a business card that’s modern, dynamic and elegant, with a minimalist but creative approach.” Diana said.

“Also, it helps MARLA stand out among its competitors while highlighting its logo and main information.”

“When combined with a neutral colour palette, the visual identity makes the hair salon feel both high-end and accessible to everyone.”

Marla Hair Salon branding


Modern Typography and Neutral Colours

The logotype was created based on Tenebras, a sans serif uppercase display font.

Diana custom-designed some of the characters to enhance the brand presence and personality.

“The logotype is a refined and dynamic typography that mimics the movement of hair.”

According to Diana, the color palette of the project reflects a contrast between serenity/stability and energy/enthusiasm.

“The colors were based on some of the most popular colors in London’s fashion trend.”

“They are a combination of neutral, feminine, and natural shades.”

“The olive green tone adds prestige and stability to the brand, while the light brown tone adds light and shine, and the dark orange hue gives the perfect balance of strength and contrast to the brand.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These hair salon business cards were printed on thick cotton paper that’s perfectly suited for letterpress printing.

The brand’s monogram can be seen on the contact side of the card.

“The logotype, on the reverse side, is embossed and are designed to be printed in spot colors,” Diana added.


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Designed by Diana Jasso

For Marla Hair Salon

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