Marcus Ventures business cards

Marcus Ventures Personal Branding Business Card

Zoë Boudreau designed these business cards for Marcus Ventures, a YouTube channel that features multiple vertical content on the platform.

For a gaming-related channel, the overall branding needs to look fun and dynamic while not straying from gaming culture.

“The brand aims to be youthful and punchy much like its video content. There was a need for the logo to look simple yet ownable, as it would be placed adjacent to other streams,” Zoë said.

Marcus Ventures_logo

Zoe designed the background of the business cards using different patterns and vibrant colours to make the brand stand out.

The typeface used for the logotype is Cubano Sharp. It’s bold, condensed and fun. Most importantly, the font manages to show the brand’s loud personality.

The colour palette is inspired by retro games and is highly saturated to complement a digital experience.

When it comes to printing, Zoe suggested having the business cards printed on a heavy stock (32pt) with a matte finish so they appear strong and sturdy.

Marcus Ventures businesscardMarcus Ventures_monogramMarcus Ventures_pattern Marcus Ventures_POFDDMarcus Ventures patternsMarcus Ventures_stickers

Designed by Zoë Boudreau

For Marcus Ventures

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