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Lemonade Design Studio Business Card

Lemonade Studio designed these business cards for their corporate branding as a graphic design studio based in Kraków, Poland.

“Lemonade began its own branding journey of capturing unlimited creativity by producing colourful and complex geometric designs that allow individuals to explore infinite possibilities of design combinations,” said Olga Kalarus-Zguda, the Creative Director at Lemonade Studio.

“The colour scheme and layout compose geometric-abstract pictures of summer memories, which transport the urban-dwelling individual into a mental safe harbour of bliss and relaxation.”

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The colours used in the visual identity were inspired by summer – the time when people most often drink lemonade (sunny yellow), go to the beach (sky blue, sea colour) and equipment taken with them (swimwear, inflatable mattresses & toys, patterns of sailor stripes, colourful umbrellas, etc).

“The themes of the project are basic geometric shapes that can be used in any meaning and configuration: e.g. circle as a symbol of the sun, triangle as a ship on the horizon etc.,” Olga said.

The typography used in the visual identity is Geomanist from Atipo Foundry.

It’s a sans serif, clean and geometric typeface which corresponds to the idea of the brand.

These business cards were printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone Ultra White 324 g/m2 (Antalis) uncoated paper using HP Indigo digital press, which according to Olga, gave great offset print effect despite digital printing.

Lemonade business cardsLemonade logotype

Designed by Lemonade Studio

For Lemonade Studio corporate branding

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