Le Plonc wine bar business cards

Le Plonc Wine Bar Business Card

Boss Branding Agency designed these business cards for a European-style wine bar and restaurant named Le Plonc Wine Bar in San Francisco.

Le Plonc aims at providing young professionals in cultural hubs and university precincts with easy choices of great house wines at cheap prices ($7 per glass),” said Emma Karkar, the Director of Boss Branding Agency.

“Le Plonc’s offerings are based on the 3X3X3 concept — three sparkling wines, three whites and three reds — with regular changes to the wine offerings all year round.”

“Its staff are knowledgeable about the wines and happy to talk about them if the customer wishes.”

“It will also offer pre-packaged wines for customers wanting take-home wine and gifts.”


Logo Design & Business Card Printing

Le Plonc approached Boss Branding Agency for the branding project.

The design objective is to provide a ‘Le Plonc experience’ that will ensure customer confidence in their choice of wines.

The end goal is to create a quality and recognizable brand that enjoys a high degree of customer loyalty in numerous select locations.

Despite it being a minimalist design, the logotype on the business card is quite a catchy one due to its text arrangements.

One could say that it’s a twist to an otherwise simple card, “Our brief was to take the Mickey out of the wine buffs and to give the brand a tongue-in-cheek air of French sophistication with a bohemian edge,” Emma explained.

“Hence, the satirical take on ‘plonk’ generally used to describe cheap, low-quality wine by preceding it with the French definite article ‘Le’ and replacing the ‘k’ with ‘c’.”

“The striking logo captures the spirit of the brand while being a memorable and unique design that unfailingly catches the interest and attention of onlookers and wine lovers across the globe.”

These business cards were printed on Pearl Artboard Satin, 420gsm; went through velvet lamination and metallic gold foiling for that added elegance and delicate feel.


Technical details:

Printing Techniques: Velvet Lamination + Metallic Gold Foil 1 sided

Ink: 4 Colour 2 Side + Metallic Gold Foil 1 sided

Laminate Front: Matt Laminate

Laminate Back: Matt Laminate

Flat Size: 55x90mm

Finishing: Trim and Pack


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Designed by Boss Branding Agency

For Le Plonc Wine Bar

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