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Laura Gutiérrez Graphic Designer Business Card

Laura Gutiérrez designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic and product designer based in Colombia.

Laura has a strong passion for illustration. She brings her client’s ideas to life, and create a compelling and aesthetically pleasing story through design.

Brand Design Inspiration

While designing her personal brand, Laura’s main focus was to create something that reflected both her personality and her work. She said, “I’m a huge nature and art lover. For this reason, I wanted to subtly incorporate those two things in my visual identity, through organic shapes, textures and colours.”

“So, I had some keywords that sort of paved the way for me to start designing how my brand should look like: organic, modern and artistic.”

Laura Gutiérrez logoLaura Gutiérrez Logo2

Colour Palette & Typography

Speaking of the inspiration behind her design, she continued, “My main inspiration was nature: its landscapes, earthy colours and organic shapes. I wanted the branding to feel modern, delicate and artsy. It is very ‘desert-like’ but with a playful colour palette.”

“I wanted my logo to be versatile. Therefore, I came up with a few variations for it. I also love serif fonts and played around with the font Nevrada to give it my own touch.”

Laura Gutiérrez Symbols

Laura used Sofia Pro for the rest of the texts on the business card. Apart from that, she also designed three main symbols that stands for each of her expertise on the front of her business cards: product design, graphic design and illustration.

These business cards are not printed yet. According to Laura, she always wanted to give the branding a very natural/organic look through texture. “As a result, even for my digital Behance project, I gave the layout a paper texture to give that organic feel.”

“The same goes for the business cards, they should be printed on a very thick and textured paper that gives the ink a bit of an irregular and deeper feel,” Laura suggested.

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Designed by Laura Gutiérrez

For Laura Gutiérrez personal branding

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