La Taniere Du Dahu business card

La Tanière Du Dahu Musical Event Business Card

Florian Gallou designed these business cards for La Tanière Du Dahu, a private musical and artistic event that lasts for three days, presenting artists from different musical groups (techno, dub and rock).

“This year marks the festival’s second iteration. The team contacted me to design the event’s emblem, which is a colourful Dahu!” Florian said.

(Note: Dahu is a mythological creature that resembles a mountain goat that’s well known in France, Italy (Aosta Valley) and Switzerland.)

La Taniere Du Dahu_1

The business cards were created as part of the branding strategy to convey a joyful and vigilant image, while remaining intriguing and mystical to attract festival-goers’ interest and curiosity.

The logotype on the business card is a bold and well-defined block, formed by two typefaces called Espiritu and Brice Pop.

La Taniere Du Dahu tickets

A visual of the Dahu is visible on the back of the business card. The idea is to have a strong visual without any added information. The colours are well-selected to express a beautiful contrast against a monochrome logotype.

Interesting shapes and colours were used to reflect the event’s strong musical selections (there’s notably a nod to dub music).

These business cards have not been printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on black velvet paper 500g, with 4 pantones for the Dahu.”

“It’s also feasible to make a risography print, as we did for the poster, for a more artisanal print that references the event,” Florian added.

La Taniere Du Dahu business cardsLa Taniere Du Dahu posterLa Taniere Du Dahu posters

Designed by Florian Gallou

For La Tanière Du Dahu

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