Kaya Kimonaria business card

Kaya Kimonaria Fashion Business Card

Nathalia Ultramar designed these business cards for Kaya Kimonaria, an in-house clothing store based in Brazil.

“Kaya Kimonaria is a locally produced store, made by women, using kimonos and other fluid, comfortable and versatile pieces, with lots of colours and movements,” Nathalia said.

Kaya Kimonaria logoKaya Kimonaria logo construction
The logo design is a thoughtful one, by uniting elements that express nature, energy, movement/fluidity and unity. Together, they transmitted the brand’s image effectively, in addition to the vibrant, different colours that bring even more personality to this project.

“For the business card design, we wanted to convey joy, good energy and welcoming vibe through a lot of colours, like other brand applications. The entire identity was designed to convey these attributes.”

The typography used for the logotype is Cronos Pro. As for the colours and the overall design inspiration, “They were inspired by Morocco, the place where the founder was years before starting Kaya. It was also the place where she had incredible experiences with colourful & fluid fabrics, colours and prints that are different from what we see here in Brazil.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, Nathalia suggested to have them printed on recyclable paper.

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Designed by Nathalia Ultramar

For Kaya Kimonaria

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