Kaleid Magazine business cards

Kaleid Magazine Business Card

Studio Flex designed these business cards for Kaleid Magazine in collaboration with Moritz Borchardt.

Kaleid Magazine is a new independent magazine that focuses on creating a quiet space for discussion.

It shows visual art, talks about culture, politics, problems and solutions in a very nuanced and multi-perspective way.

Instead of a standardized business card design, Kaleid Magazine chose a more daring and wordy approach for their business card.

“Currently they are calling for contributions and submissions in visual art as well as written content,” said Emanuel Heim, the founder of Studio Flex.

“What’s special about this business card is it also works as a flyer and gives the receiver enough information about the project to know what it is about and how it could be interesting to participate.”

“This business card will only be in place for about 6 weeks before it will be replaced with a more minimalistic card.”

On the front design, the alphabet ‘z’ from the word ‘Magazine’ looks chopped off for a specific reason.

“If you look at Kaleid Magazine’s Instagram, you can see that all the current designed content is somehow cut into pieces and then combined in new ways,” Emanuel explained.

“The topic of the first issue is BORDERS so we want to show this in our design.”

“There will also be a series of posters with the same main layout of the business cards.”

These business cards were printed on Munken Rough Lynx by Drunken.ch in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

“It’s the best online paper-choice we’ve come across so far,” Emanuel added.


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Kaleid Magazine business card

Designed by Studio Flex in collaboration with Moritz Borchardt

Printed by Drunken.ch

For Kaleid Magazine

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