jessica molina graphic designer business card

Jessica Molina Graphic Designer Business Card

Jessica Molina designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer who’s specializing in lettering, illustrations and designs.

“I have been using the same logo and business cards since 2011; needless to say, it was time for an update!” Jessica said.

“I started learning lettering in the summer of 2016 and have really been loving it. I decided to do a handlettered script logo for myself.”

“I have also recently started incorporating much more illustration into my work, such as in my latest project ‘Petty Postcards’, so it felt appropriate to add an element of illustration to the back.”

“The back floral illustration was done on my iPad Pro in Adobe Sketch and then pulled into Illustrator to set it up for print.”

“The logo was done almost entirely in Illustrator, and my contact information was typeset in the font Bariol, also in Illustrator.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These rounded edges business cards were printed by MOO. According to Jessica, “My current favorite colors are pink, black, and gold, so I went with Moo in order to print 2 different back colors.”

“MOO has recently started doing gold foil printing, so of course I had to try it out!”

“The result came out even better than I imagined.”


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Designed by Jessica Molina

Printed by MOO

For Jessica Molina personal branding

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