j scott woodwork wooden card

J Scott Woodwork Business Card

Lucas Graphic Design made these wooden business cards for J Scott Woodwork, a full-service woodworking company specializing in residential building and remodeling in Chicago Illinois.

According to Lucian, the Creative Manager, the client asked for a unique design for his woodworking business.

Therefore, a stylized woodpecker was used in the design, which is a clever and straightforward approach!

While Lucas Graphic Design was only meant to design the logo for the client, when asked about possible printing recommendations for this corporate identity, Lucian replied,

“From our experience, as a recommendation, the printing for the wooden cards can be done by laser gravure on two kinds of wood veneer and then the finishing by die cutting.”

Another well-designed business card that offers a unique touch while leaving a great first impression!

Designed by Lucas Graphic Design

For J Scott Woodwork

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