Everlong Events business cards

Everlong Events Business Card

Emileah Miller designed these business cards for Everlong Events, a bespoke event styling team based on the Central Coast, Australia.

“Everlong Events pride themselves on being personal, unique and flexible with no job being too small. Their creations vary, though they especially love boho, hamptons, coastal vibes, vintage and rustic feels,” Emileah replied when asked about her client’s nature of business.

Everlong Events business card2

The business card is designed to portray the brand’s image: personal, multi-faceted and unique. The logo script was handwritten and provided by Emileah’s client. After the brief, Emileah was able to come up with the colour palette and even a square layout for Everlong Events’ business card design – catchy and appropriate!

“The colour palette was inspired by their multi-faceted business and varying range of event styles they pull off immaculately. As I wanted the cards to look unique and eye-catching, along with the different colour schemes.”

The client will handle the card-printing themselves. Even so, Emileah did share with us her printing ideas, “If I were to choose the print, I’d go with a thicker GSM glossy card. I think the different colourways would look great on a glossy print.”

Everlong Events business cards Everlong Events business card3Everlong Events business card1

Designed by Emileah Miller

For Everlong Events

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