Enviromate business cards

Enviromate Business Card

Lucas da Silva designed these business cards for an environmentally friendly startup named Enviromate based in Australia.

“Enviromate is a startup from a friend of mine. He wants to offer eco-friendly products locally in Perth, Western Australia to replace plastic. This project is still in the early stages, the business card was a suggestion for him to go around locally and start promoting his future business,” Lucas said.

Enviromate logo
The logo is, no doubt, the center of attraction of this visual identity. Speaking of the design process behind it, Lucas said, “By the time we started, the client just wanted a quick logo to put in a box of straws that had ‘something to do with the ocean and the recycling symbol’. We were in the make for 1.5 months and we had drawn several different turtles before settling for the final design, which was great!”

“I suggested the leaves in the recycling symbol so it’s not 100% associated with the ocean, and I also introduced a nice CMYK green for the same reason for the other side of the card,” Lucas added.

These cards were done on an 86x54mm artboard. According to Lucas, this is his preferred sizing over the average 90x50mm, “I believe it fits the wallet better. Early recommendation was to apply spot UV on the logo at the front, but the client has opted to do a 400gsm matt laminate instead, on both sides.”

Enviromate business cardEnviromate packing

Designed by Lucas da Silva

For Enviromate

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