Encrite Creative Agency Business Card

Encrite Creative Agency made these business cards for their corporate branding as a a Rotterdam based creative agency.

Encrite chose a minimal approach for their design, with one side a debossed logo while the other, contact information for the staff.

“We wanted to make an aesthetic and clean business card with a small story, so why not make it ourselves in our own studio?” said Elmar Janse, the founder of Encrite.

He’s right! These business cards were totally handmade with a book press, lasercut perspex and printed on 440gsm duplex Fabriano paper using a laser printer.

“First of all, we printed one side of the paper with a laser printer. Then, we glued the two sides to each other and pressed the lasercut logo on to the other side with our handmade book press.”

“After that, we gave two sides of the cards a color edge painting – orange.”

Definitely a great option for those who prefer a clean, minimal and professional design!

Designed by Encrite Creative Agency

For Encrite Creative Agency corporate branding

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