Early Bird business cards

Early Bird Cheesecakes Business Card

Anastasia Kurilenko designed these business cards for Early Bird Cheesecakes, a small family confectionery, which is in Northern Virginia, USA.

“The confectionery is owned by three sisters, whose homeland is Ethiopia. The uniqueness of their product is that it is completely free of added sugar and gluten, and with low carbohydrate content,” Anastasia said.

Early Bird_Turaco Ruspoli Early Bird logo2Early Bird logo1
The client approached Anastasia for the branding project, including designing a delicate logo for the brand.

“In order to have a part of the homeland in the family business, the clients asked to depict the Turaco Ruspoli bird in the logo. This bird is the symbol of Ethiopia,” she explained.

The typeface used for the logotype is Carentro, which goes perfectly with the bird logo. Some versions of the card use calligraphy font for the word ‘cheesecakes’, adding elegance to the overall design.

Early Bird logo constructionEarly Bird logo
These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, here’s what Anastasia envisioned, “It is planned to have them colour-printed on a textured card.”

“Since this is a small family business, I wanted to convey a sense of comfort, warmth and elegance through the business card. This type of business card is not entirely budgetary, but it also does not cost a lot of money. It is quite acceptable for a starting family business,” she added.

Early Bird business card

Designed by Anastasia Kurilenko

For Early Bird Cheesecakes

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