danir ivanovich graphic designer business cards

Danir Ivanovich Graphic Designer Business Card

Danir Ivanovich aka ‘Ich’ made these business cards for his self-branding as a graphic designer and illustrator.

“My goal was to represent myself (and my personal view about what I do) in the best way possible,” Danir said.

“The idea was for the visual identity to exude a mixture of feelings, between the love for vintage, crafty work and the childhood feelings of wonder and magic.”

“Since I love calligraphy, so instead of using a font, I created my logo (handwritten my nickname) using the medieval textura style, which gives it an ancient and epic feel.”

danir ivanovich designer logo

“Then, I added a portrait of Tippi on top – that’s my very first toy, a cute plush monkey – to remind me a few things: to not take things too seriously, that magic is everything, and no one is too old to keep playing the big game.”

“On the backside of the card, I wanted to pay homage to the tradition of my homeland, Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, by using the Corno Dogale (Ducal Hat). This place had contributed so much to the world of typography and designs.”

“Finally, I thought that laying everything on a vintage ‘magic show’ ticket was the perfect final touch!”

“The cards come with a positive and a negative version, each with its own unique details and finishing.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were digitally printed by Mida Computers in Treviso, Veneto on Fedrigoni Materica Kraft 250gr/mq paper and laser-cut in 5-pieces-strips.

“Every strip is pre-punched so the cards could be torn off as a ticket. It’s also a kind of “scenic performance” when I give out my business cards,” Danir added.

What an eye-catching visual identity that brings dynamism, uniqueness and creativity into the world of visual art!


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Designed by Danir Ivanovich aka ‘Ich’

Printed by Mida Computers

For Danir Ivanovich personal-branding

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