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Daddi Sportswear Business Card

Rick Penedo designed these business cards for Daddi, a sports fashion brand owned by Ediele Cantuária.

The business card design is part of the rebranding project for Daddi. The new card is clean, minimal and elegant.

The brand’s dedication to ecological sustainability is cleverly reflected through the floral illustration and colour palette.


The Brand Name

The brand name, Daddi, which means “give it here,” was inspired by the owner’s memory of how she asked for things as a child.

For this reason, the brand adopted a typographic identity as a tribute and to preserve this unique concept, among other things.

“We turn the brand’s focus to the name ‘Daddi’ and its meaning, making the brand more conceptual and flexible to facilitate future expansions,” Rick said.

DADDI Sportswear business cards


A Professional and Elegant Brand Image

Daddi is a brand that dares to go in a different direction in the fashion industry.

According to Rick, the goal of the rebranding was to deliver a more professional image that accurately reflected the brand’s values.

He explained, “Daddi arrives to bring well-being to the public by wearing its high-quality pieces, driving people to have a much healthier and more elegant life.”

“The goal of the design was to convey all the lightness, elegance and naturalness that this brand inspires, creating much more intimate and strong connections with its target audience.”

“Apart from that, DADDI strongly believes that it’s important to contribute to a healthier environment, and thus lead society to conscious and sustainable consumption.”


Typographic Logo and Earthy Colours

The logotype was a customized typography made especially for DADDI to differentiate it from its competitors.

“The new logo is minimalist, bold and much more elegant. It has more modern curves compared to the previous logo.”

“Therefore, it achieves a more original and subjective aesthetic, one that’s genuine and impactful, revealing the full personality and unique selling points of the brand.”

DADDI Sportswear_new logoDADDI Sportswear earthy colours

The brand needed a simplification of this logo in light of the digital realm and for reasons of applicability.

So, it was shortened to “DA” in some of the brand applications, while retaining the same meaning as the complete logo.

As a result, the brand has a highly functional, dynamic, and flexible visual identity without sacrificing any of its historical significance.

The business cards’ earthy colour palette fits to the brand’s idea of sustainability.

Although it comes in multiple versions, botanical elements such as flowers and leaves can be seen throughout the business card design, adding elegance and sophistication to the overall branding.


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Designed by Rick Penedo

For Daddi

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