We know you have questions. So give these a read:


1. How do you choose Stores or Coupons to be displayed on your page?

The Stores listed here are either the ones we are familiar with or recommended by other graphic designers. We also welcome new Stores and startups who are willing to provide exclusive deals for our audience.

We are open to suggestions so if you have a preferred tool/service in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can approach them in negotiating an exclusive deal for our CardDsgn audience – YOU included, of course 🙂

2. Why are there very few Coupons on your page?

We only starting the coupon page in January 2021, which is why you don’t see many stores in our page but we are working on it. We are waiting feedbacks from other Stores and hoping to provide exclusive deals just for our audience. Please check back from time to time.

3. Are the links on the Coupon page affiliate links?

Yes. The Coupon deals may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click the link and purchase something from the Store’s main site. However, these tools/services are recommendations from graphic designers that are useful in their designing & branding projects, and some from our own user experience as well.

We are adding useful, free tools as well. Check back regularly and look for the word ‘FREE’ in the title/tag.

4. Are the Coupons 100% worked?

We try to update the Coupons regularly based on our negotiations with the Store representatives (for exclusive Coupon Codes) or from their latest promotion. The Store owners may stop their promotions anytime but exclusive Coupon Codes will have an extension period, which we will promote on our social media sites to gain more visibility.

5. I am a representative of a company that can provide tool/service that is useful for graphic designers, how do I contact you?

If you are a store/service owner who wish to contact us for exclusive deals/collaborations, kindly use this contact form.

6. I need to get a refund from the service I purchased via your Coupon Code, should I contact CardDsgn?

No. All the tool/service packages are belonged to the Store owners. We do not have access to their website and support system. Kindly contact their customer service for enquiries or support.

7. So, why exactly does CardDsgn need to set up a Coupon page?

Some people may see this as solely for earning purposes but that’s not exactly it. We value good tools/services and these things don’t always come for free. Over the years, we have spent on services that helped us to remain free in providing content and useful info. People building websites and tools for the ease of their customers, we too, value the efforts of our service providers. Besides giving them shout outs, we also hope to give back by offering coupons/deals that are relevant to graphic designers for their brilliant efforts and continuous support to our site.

Our main goal is to negotiate exclusive deals for our audience. Although this may take time, but we will try our best to find good deals and at the same time continue to provide as many business card ideas as possible for your design inspirations.


Thank you so much for sticking with us! Here’s to many more years of providing useful, inspirational content and hopefully, more exclusive Coupons for your designing journey ?