Christian Döhler business cards

Christian Döhler Saxophonist Business Card

Sebastian Schwan and Juliane Ameringer designed these business cards for Christian Döhler, a saxophonist and solo entertainer who’s the life and soul of every party.

Christian approached YYEESS studio for the branding project, including designing a new logo, business cards and flyers.

“We wanted to properly convey Christian’s sunny personality and how much fun it is to have him around,” said Sebastian and Juliane, the Graphic Designers at YYEESS.

Adding a gold foil logo to the self portrait business card is a nice touch. Not only it gives a professional image but leaves a lasting impression at the same time.

Christian Döhler business card_animationChristian Döhler logo
“The organic shapes of the logo communicate the character of jazz music and the energetic movement of a saxophone player. This is also emphasized by the gold foil finish on the business card which invites the recipient to tilt and shake it. The elegant combination of gold and teal blue matches the festiveness of the typical occasion.”

The main typeface used in the visual identity is Brandon Grotesque (designed by Hannes von Döhren) which looks very friendly and fashionable.

These business cards were printed by Onlineprinters GmbH, a printing company in Germany.

“The cards were printed on a HP Indigo and finished with digitally-printed gold foil. As opposed to hot foil printing, the logo is not debossed in the card but ever so slightly embossed, which makes for a nice haptic experience,” Sebastian and Juliane said.


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Christian Döhler business cardsChristian Döhler_flyer animation

Designed by Sebastian Schwan and Juliane Ameringer at YYEESS

Printed by Onlineprinters GmbH

For Christian Döhler

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