Ch'ng Ning business card

Ch’ng Ning Graphic Designer Business Card

Ch’ng Ning designed these business cards for her personal branding as a branding creative based in Singapore. Currently, she’s still a student and on the lookout for internships to complete her final year at design school.

“It’s a personal branding I did for myself as I am nearing the end of schooling, and since I am venturing into the creative industry soon, I felt I needed to brand myself so I could distinguish myself from others,” Ch’ng Ning said.

Ch'ng Ning business cards

According to Ch’ng Ning, she chose a typographic approach as she wanted to experiment on the various ways to layout type on a blank canvas, and learn how to create a strong visual hierarchy through layout.

“I also wanted to explore the limits of using a monochromatic colour palette, and the best colours to start with are always black and white. The font used is Eklektyk Stencil by Laïc Type Foundry, and I really love how a good typeface is able to amplify a simple design.”

These business cards are not printed and Ch’ng Ning used mockups made by Anthonyboyd to showcase her card design.

As for her card-printing options, Ch’ng Ning shared, “I would specifically look for textured grain, thick paper when printing my business card. Since the card is monochrome, I would use Spot UV on the headers to add further texture and sheen to the card.”

Ch'ng Ning personal namecard

Designed by Ch’ng Ning

For Ch’ng Ning personal branding

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