Charlee Walker designer business card

Charlee Walker Graphic Designer Business Card

Charlee Walker designed these business cards for her self-branding project as a professional designer in Indianapolis, IN.

There’s something about Charlee’s personal business card that captures our attention – let it be the contrasting colours, bold texts or the repeated patterns – the design is minimalist yet so eye-catching!

Explaining her ideas and design process, Charlee said, “I wanted to brand myself in a way that was true to me, yet also stood out from the pack.”

“I also wanted to make sure I had a clear enough visual identity that viewers could easily tie my website in with my business cards, and my resume, Dribbble etc.”

“The use of black with the strong pop of white and green is prevalent in my website, and so it only made sense to feature that on my business cards.”

“I designed my peripheral pieces such as my business cards simultaneous to designing my website, and created the pattern for the back using the same icon used in the favicon on my site.”

charlee walker graphic designer businesscard


The Printing of Business Cards

Not only that, Charlee made these business cards herself!

Her business cards are stiff and sturdy, not easily bent and are printed on a matte paper that yields a fine texture with a little more substance than one would expect.

“Due to an initial time crunch on my end, and my love of do-it-yourself meticulous tasks, I printed them one sided on an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 I had access to, spray mounted both sides together and cut with an X-acto.”

“This yielded a thick and sturdy card, with an intense black and crisp white I am quite pleased with.”

Charlee may consider using other printing service after this, “In the future, I will be going through MOO.”


DIY Packaging Design

In addition to designing business cards, Charlee also designed custom gum packages for herself to give to potential employers and clients.

“These utilize the same branding, and show more of my personality.”

“I printed, cut and assembled all packages myself using a standard Color Laser printer on heavyweight stock.”

“As you can tell, I love doing things by hand and enjoy the process of printing and assembling nearly as much as the process of designing.”

In a world where almost everything is made by machines, Charlee did an exceptional job on her visual identity – it made the branding project personal and interesting.

It also helps to portray her creativity and dedication in a project, something her future clients/employers will value upon receiving her business cards.


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Designed by Charlee Walker

For Charlee Walker personal-branding

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