Capella Bakery Business Card

Carlota Marcos designed these business cards for Capella Bakery, a family-run pastry shop located in the well-known district of Patraix, Valencia.

Capella had been providing the best quality in all its handmade products for more than 30 years.

Therefore, it’s essential to create a visual identity that’s not only matches its reputation but stands out from other competitors as well.

“Starting from the request to design the costumes, we came up with the idea of redesigning the entire corporate identity of the brand,” Carlota said.

“The aim was to communicate the quality of their products, their handmade process and their family environment.”

“Capella Bakery stands out for making all its products in a traditional way, for this reason we wanted the design process to be made in the same way.”

“We put aside the computer and designed the logo and all the illustrations with pencil and paper.”

“When we were happy with the design, we used the computer to make the final touches to the logotype and vectorize the illustrations.”

“Thanks to the illustrations that we used as a resource for the design of the packaging, stationery etc., we created a much more attractive and dynamic visual language.”

The outcome is exceptional and the illustrations are a beautiful match to the retro logotype, wouldn’t you agree?

The illustrations depict the variety of its products, value of craftsmanship and organic feel to the overall identity.

The logotype offers a vintage and elegant vibe, showing the brand’s personality and long-lasting commitment in providing quality homemade products to its customers.

These business cards were printed on 330gr Tintoretto Gresso paper by a local printing company.


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Designed by Carlota Marcos at Gelpi Design

For Capella Bakery

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