Zoya Mironova Business Card

Zoya business card

Alina Perelygina designed these business cards for Zoya Mironova, a cosmetologist.

“Zoya provides services such as facials, beauty injections, eyebrow grooming etc. I created the logo, business cards and gift certificates for her cosmetology services. Also, we chose the style of the photos and designs for her Instagram profile,” Alina said.

Zoya logo2


Alina designed the business cards with minimalist in mind, with the essence lies in the brand’s logo and colours.

“The colours were chosen based on the client’s personal preferences. We tried many options for gentle, light colours. The basic version of the business card settled on orange and beige.”

“Beige symbolizes the colour of the skin, holds the association with the activities of the client. Orange is the main colour, which is associated with warmth, sunshine and energy.”

Zoya logoZoya business cards2

The typography used for the logo is called Aelyn – Ligature Serif Font. According to Alina, “It’s a very beautiful serif font that’s both legible and looks great in short lettering. It also catches the eye of the prospects.”

The secondary typeface used for the contact details is a minimalistic, well readable font called Roboto.

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “It is recommended that the cards to be printed on heavy textured, rough paper, similar to watercolour paper,” Alina suggested.

“This kind of business card printing draws an analogy with our skin on the face, the pores of the skin and its texture. It also resonates with the work of a cosmetologist.”

Zoya business cards_1

Zoya business card optionsZoya gift certificate_2Zoya gift certificateZoya card and branding

Designed by Alina Perelygina

For Zoya Mironova

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