Zoumboulis & Associates Consulting Business Card

Zoumboulis & Associates business cards

George Probonas designed these business cards for Zoumboulis & Associates, an international consulting firm with extensive wine experience.

Zoumboulis & Associates offers a wide range of service, including advice on vineyard location, wine making procedures and marketing.

George was tasked to create an elegant and versatile brand identity that reflects the brand’s expertise, using their signature phrase/tagline ‘Invest in your own wine’ as the main communication medium.

Zoumboulis & Associates logotypeZoumboulis & Associates logo

George’s approach to the design was based on the principle of simplicity. He made good use of timeless typographies and printing methods to produce fine wine labels.

“The logotype’s ‘&’ logogram incorporates a typical grapevine element in a very distinctive way, which conveys the essence of wine. The identity is complemented by the flexible use of the signature’s alternative graphic styles, emphasising the company’s expertise,​” George said.

The main colour for the business card is white, with black and bronze added for that special contrast effect. As for the typography, Baskerville Regular and Gill Sans Regular are used.


These business cards were printed using letterpress and copper foil printing techniques.


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Zoumboulis & Associates business cardZoumboulis & Associates stationeryZoumboulis & Associates letterheadZoumboulis & Associates_logoZoumboulis & Associates coloursZoumboulis & Associates envelopeZoumboulis envelopeZoumboulis letter

Designed by George Probonas

For Zoumboulis & Associates

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