Zerion Tour Operator Business Card

Zerion business card

Kamilla A. designed these business cards for Zerion, a tour operator in Tanzania.

According to Kamilla, her client is a tour operator who looks after the needs of his customers and assists them in making various travel decisions: visit the most beautiful animal parks, chill on a beach etc. He only uses hotels with decent rooms and excellent service.

The business card design is minimal yet with a warm and welcoming vibe. The overall branding was inspired by African motifs and patterns, without explicit reference to Africa and animals.

Zerion logo

Zerion logo2

“After analyzing all the tour operators’ companies, most of the logos were too bright, obscure, and the client asked for something minimalist,” Kamilla said.

“But what I wanted to do was to show the atmosphere of Africa with illustration, not a simple monogram.”

Explaining more about the graphic elements, she continued, “Cheetahs are quick to run, can instantly exploit large spaces, and can survive in harsh environments. They are natural defenders, capable not only of protecting the weak but also of unraveling the most difficult situations.”

“Cheetahs brilliantly calculate all the pros and cons, know how to anticipate the danger and always find the best way out. All of these qualities fit the company perfectly.”

“The rising sun is an emblem of shine, rebirth and a force of will. A symbol that’s used in the coat of arms of South Africa.”

These business cards have not been printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on thick textured paper,” Kamilla suggested.

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Zerion business cards

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Designed by Kamilla A.

For Zerion

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