Yurika Matsuda Hair Stylist Business Card

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Miyaco Design designed these business cards for Yurika Matsuda, a beautician and hair stylist based in Japan.

Yurika runs a hair and art studio in Matsuyama City. It’s a new sensation salon where customers can enjoy not only hair styling but also art as well.

The idea behind the brand is to create and provide beautiful & high-quality products/service for the customers. Also, it hopes to be a place where people can build relationship with each other, like spinning threads.

Yurika’s branding aims to target her main client base – female customers – to whom she’s often worked with to provide beautiful hairstyles.

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The business card design is unique with a cloud-like shape, while the colour used is mainly pink.

“Since pink is the brand colour for the client, so I used it in the business card design, hoping to leave a lasting impression. In addition, the slightly rounded typeface and the illustrations of women express a cute and adorable image,” explained Funato Miya, the Graphic Designer at Miyaco Design.


These business cards were printed by Haguruma, a printing company in Japan.

“A custom die cut shape was created for the card. The fluffy texture on the surface was created using a technique called ‘foam silk’, a method to create fluffy and soft irregularities. I designed it by superimposing mysterious shapes and illustrations so that this unevenness becomes more noticeable,” Funato said.

Yurika Matsuda business cards_1Yurika Matsuda business cards_2Yurika Matsuda business card2

Designed by Miyaco Design

Printed by Haguruma

For Yurika Matsuda

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