YJ Business Card

YJ business cards

Andre Forbeck designed these business cards for YJ, an electronic dance music DJ based in St. Louis, USA.

According to Andre, his client has just started his DJ career and would like to promote his brand so people know about his work.

YJ logo

YJ symbol

“The concept behind the symbol came from the idea of sound progression, because electronic music that contains more melodies always starts calmer, and reaches a higher level as its sound intensity increases,” he explained.

“The typography was created from scratch and totally customized according to the client’s personality – modern, creative and differentiated.”

YJ business card2

The colour palette used in the visual identity including black, orange and white. Black colour gives modernity, while orange and white creates a nice contrast for the brand.

“Together, these three colours form a unique and exclusive gradient, which can be applied in various ways to the brand’s materials.”

The client handled the card-printing himself. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Andre replied, “The cards would be printed on couche matte paper weights between 250g and 300g.”

YJ business card

YJ StationeryYJ posters YJ hat YJ trolley bag

Designed by Andre Forbeck

For YJ

Business Card Printing
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