Yashin & Partners Accounting Business Card

Tigran Kazaryan designed these business cards for Yashin & Partners, an accounting service provider for modern entrepreneurs.

“Yashin & Partners is the most unusual and ‘rebellious’ accountants called. The company is rapidly developing and breaking the stereotypes of the industry, demonstrating that accountants are not always moody and boring. Therefore, In the process of designing we wanted to avoid the visual clichés inherent in this field and do something bold and fresh,” Tigran said.

A group of symbols were designed to be printed on the back of the business cards. The black and blue colour palette is striking on a white background, bringing out the catchy symbols and contact information.

These business cards were printed by Unopress via silkscreen/serigraphy printing technique on Colorplan papers.


Designed by Tigran Kazaryan (Mountteam)

Printed by Unopress, Moscow

For Yashin & Partners

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