Yaga Mobile Application Business Card

Dejan Baric designed these business cards for a mobile and web application named Yaga.

Dejan created the ‘Yaga’ logo and its app icon. According to Dejan, Yaga is a brand new product that is going to make big impact against fraud in mobile advertising.

“For the design ideas, we have 2 elements – circle and square. A square has all sharp edges except the edge below the circle,” Dejan explained.

“What I mean is, Yaga – the circle – makes smooth radius edges, we can see the problems and protect our customers from them. We don’t want someone to stab or sting. We are a protection app – that’s the main goal.”

A clean, catchy design that uses simple geometric shapes and striking colours to drive interest from potential customers!

Designed by Dejan Baric

For Yaga

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