Xeom Vietnamese Street Food Business Card

Xeom Vietnamese Street Food business cards

Hue Studio designed these business cards for Xeom, a Vietnamese street food joint located at the edgy Smith Street, Melbourne.

“Xeoms are Vietnam’s ubiquitous motorcycle taxis. The Xeom drivers know where to find the best food,” said Vian, the Creative Director at Hue Studio.

“You can find Xeom drivers scoffing a steaming bowl of pho and downing beers with their mates while playing a Vietnamese dice game called ‘bau cua ca cop’.”

The illustrations on the business cards were inspired by domino and Vietnamese dice game (bau cua ca cop), with the lettering and six bau cua ca cop icons (chicken, cow, prawn, fish, crab and wine) been meticulously hand drawn.

These business cards were offset printed by Taylor’d Press in 2 colours on both sides of Beer matt board.

“We printed 6 kinds of business cards in total with different illustrations,” Vian said.

“The illustration is split between front and back and when the cards are placed side by side, it shows the full image.”

This is one of those authentic, brave and edgy brand identity that’s hard to forget!


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Designed by Vian Risanto and Kumiko Mitchishita at Hue Studio

Printed by Taylor’d Press

For Xeom

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