Woodyman Handcrafted Furniture Business Card

Woodyman furniture business cards

Sonia Castillo designed these business cards for Woodyman, a brand that’s specialized in custom-made products and furniture, handcrafted and made in Spain.

Woodyman was founded by two friends who saw potential in the quality of Spanish manufacturing industry and the family network as the basis of the business.

Their products are known for being simple, practical, and beautiful. Plus, the company is striving for sustainability throughout the production process, which is a big influence in their overall brand identity as well.


Brand Image

Sonia developed a visual identity that captured the quality of the founders’ work and allow them to position their company as a trusted leader in their industry.

The goal of the design, as Sonia puts it, was to create a simple, elegant and memorable brand, reminiscent of the great furniture brands of the past, conveying the values of conveying the values of craft, sustainability and quality.

In conjunction to that, the brand’s business cards (including other branding materials) embrace a minimalist design. One of the most obvious features is none other than the brand’s monogram.

Woodyman furniture stationery


Monogram & Typography

According to Sonia, the identity was built around a personalized symbol inspired by the brand name itself, with the letter “W” and “M” combined seamlessly within the logo.

The monogram design was also inspired by organic shapes of wood, in addition to the dynamic lines of Woodyman’s products and furniture.

Best of all, the monogram appears the same even if you view it from the opposite side!

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On the business card, the lowercase sans serif logotype is displayed neatly below the brief contact info.

By using bold lines for the monogram, it shows a nice contrast against the simplicity of the card. It also appears to be a modern-looking line pattern that extends to the stationery, labels, packaging designs and more.


Colour Palette & Illustrations

The business cards use mainly neutral and soft palette of ochers, echoing the natural quality of Woodyman’s handcrafted furnitures.

The handmade illustrations and natural wood textures found on other branding materials bring a sense of proximity and warmth to the brand.

These minimalist, typographic business cards are the true testament of a brand that believes timeless design is a solid environment effort, enhanced further by the light environmental footprint they leave behind with each carefully assembled piece of furniture.


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Designed by Sonia Castillo

For Woodyman

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