Wonderwall Wallpaper Business Card

Wonderwall business cards

Nick Beel designed these business cards for Wonderwall, an online platform for designing and printing wallpapers.

Wonderwall helps customers to create unique wallpapers for home or office spaces with ease. You can upload and sell your own designs to other users as well.

For the design inspirations behind the logo design, Nick explained, “Being a platform for other creative outlets, I knew the logo mark had to be a reductive one. The identity would commonly be positioned atop or alongside the product artwork (wallpaper graphics) – which varies in colour, contrast, and consistency. It was essential the logo pierced through the noise.”

Wonderwall logotype

Wonderwall logo

“The client desired something timeless that could lend itself to a myriad of mediums, platforms and environments. I therefore went with a bold and forgiving sans serif, Brandon grotesque. The letterforms’ bold stems and arms would best guarantee a versatile word mark across digital and print executions.”

“To allude to the ‘wonder’ of the product I elevated the ‘O’ which could be isolated with the ‘W’ to create a shortened identity mark as seen on the business cards,” Nick added.

The card-printing was handled by Design Distillery, a graphic design agency in New Zealand. According to Nick, “The cards were printed double-sided with a slight china-white colouring. The subtle embossing on the ‘WO’ gives a tactile experience for customers’ initial engagement with Wonderwall.”

This is a clean and stylish monochrome business card design that stands out with a fun, positive vibe! A good example that you don’t have to be complicated or colourful to be timeless.

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Wonderwall business cards

Wonderwall stationery Wonderwall packaging

Designed by Nick Beel

Printed by Design Distillery

For Wonderwall

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