Wizu Beauty Business Card

Wizu Beauty businesscard

Unifikat Design Studio designed these business cards for Wizu, a beauty company.

Speaking of the client and design process, Paul Marcinkowski, the Brand Designer of Unifikat said, “Wizu company is a new beauty proposal on the market. We started this branding journey from naming. We proposed an interesting brand identity, we created a custom font to reflect the brand’s personality in the logo.”

Wizu Beauty card design


“Apart from that, dynamic patterns, brand elements and gold hot-stamping were applied to express simplicity and elegance at the same time. We made a lot of symbols such as lips, hands, eye or the whole face. That way, we can have business cards with direction which client takes. Finally, to present all the branding materials we produced photography which can be used on social media platforms as well.”

Unifikat created multiple versions for the back design of the business card. According to Paul, these business cards were printed on 700g white eco paper via gold hot stamping method.

Overall, the card design is creative, colourful and super appealing!

Wizu Beauty business card


Designed by Unifikat Design Studio

For Wizu – Beauty

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