WIZ Test Preparation Business Card

Culto Creative designed these business cards for WIZ, an online test preparation for graduate school that teaches students through video lessons and practice test questions.

“The concept of the design was simple: we believed that even though it’s an online preparation system, we wanted to approach it by making a solid word-mark, representing this stack of books because knowledge is spread through books,” said Daniel Duran, one of the designers of Culto Creative.

“As for the colour scheme, it was inspired by primary and secondary colours,” Daniel added.

For teachers and administrative personnel, the business cards are single-sided and they come in various colours.

The minimalist design is a favourite to many whereas the colourful (card) choices give a modern, memorable impression.

For the CEO of the company, a more conventional choice is given instead – double-sided business card with black/white colour palette – that gives it a more sophisticated look while maintaining the brand’s minimalist design.

Designed by Culto Creative


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