With Soul Event Agency Business Card

Mariana Neves designed these business cards for With Soul, a new event agency based in São Paulo.

“With Soul is an agency that seeks the essence of brands and companies, then transforms this soul into great events, parties and corporate meetings,” Mariana said.

Mariana handled the entire visual identity for With Soul, including naming it and creating its logo. “We came up with the name ‘With Soul’ to represent a company with days of life. Although new, the company was actually founded by professionals who have been working in this sector for more than 15 years.”

“For the logo, the idea was to build a light and modern one, using only typology. Cheerful and elegant colours were used for the design as well.”

A pattern was created for the back design of the card. According to Mariana, “the pattern is a true meeting of souls.”

These business cards were digitally printed by Inove Gráfica on two sheets pasted of uncoated offset paper 240gr.

Designed by Mariana Neves of Ouê Design

Printed by Inove Gráfica

 For With Soul


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