Wit & Whistle Greeting Cards Business Card

Amanda Wright designed these business cards for Wit & Whistle, a family business selling greeting cards and paper products based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Amanda is the owner and illustrator at Wit & Whistle. Wit & Whistle is famous for their witty cards and whistle worthy paper goods.

Plus, their products are printed on recycled paper. So when Amanda discovered she had quite a number of unused greeting cards, she decided to repurpose them into her very own, unique business cards.

“I had a whole stack of slightly imperfect greeting cards that were going to waste. This seemed like a great way to use them!” Amanda said.

Amanda cut the cards into rectangles and printed her business cards by hand using a rubber stamp. Thus, the contact info is on the front of her card while the back design is a unique crop of her hand-drawn products.

“I had a rubber stamp made at rubberstamps.net with my business card design. I cut my unsold defective greeting cards down to business card size and hand-stamped the blank side with my business card design,” she said.

This is truly a clever, eco-friendly method to recycle unused materials while at the same time able to showcase the creative side of the artist as well!


Designed by Amanda Wright

For Wit & Whistle

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