Waveform Media Business Card

Waveform Business Cards

Ben Mottershead designed these business cards for Waveform Media, a media collective based in Bristol, England that focused primarily on the music industry.

Ben was approached by the client to create new branding which could be utilized across their website, social platforms and printed collateral.

“A bold, bright colour scheme was chosen to create impact when engaged with my viewer. It also allowed for future experimentation, and an expressive system to be incorporated across future designs,” Ben said.

Waveform Media logo
“The logotype was created with animation in mind as an adaptable system showing dynamic movement, along with fluidity within the brand, while also maintaining its ability to be scaled, and adapt to both print and digital platforms.”

Waveform Media stationery
He continued, “The business cards were produced as a pattern to be pieced together, with the main logotype sitting in the middle card to showcase the reach, openness and movement of the brand itself. As a collective, Waveform could allow itself to appear new and exciting as it carried more weight behind it and more scope to take on larger projects. They were the quintessential new kids on the block and they wanted everyone to know it.”


The client handled the card-printing themselves. Even so, Ben suggested, “It was important that the colours really popped. Therefore, I recommended a smooth, untextured white stock to create a more modern aesthetic.”

“It is also advisable to include print finishes such as Spot UV, across the stroke pattern itself to further connote a modern, digitally-led aesthetic. However, this wasn’t a necessity,” Ben added.

Waveform Business Cards

Designed by Ben Mottershead

For Waveform Media

Business Card Printing
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